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Glocom, Upgrading the functions of GR-150 HF Manpack Radio

Glocom, Upgrading the functions of GR-150 HF Manpack Radio

Glocom recently updated some basic functions of the GR-150 series HF tactical portable(manpack) radio. This update proceeds with the software of GR-150 radios at the user level, increases the reliability and efficiency of HF communication, and promotes convenience.

June 19, 2020

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About Glocom
  Global Communications Co. (Glocom) was established in 1996, and is a joint company that is professional for R&D, manufacturing and serving military communication equipments and system such as military radio, radar, C4I system, and accessories.
  Recently, Glocom is also dedicated to provide various kinds of customized communication system compatible with international standards and customer requirements under the condition of key delivery. For example, Glocom provides mobile system, shipborne system and airborne system, which have a potential competitive power in their performance and price worldwide.
  Glocom makes sincere efforts at product services with education, transfer of technology, joint venture and collaboration for countries and organizations around the world that safeguard territorial integrity and struggle against aggression and war under the principle of independence, equality and mutual benefit meeting the customers’ requirements.
  In 2017, Glocom consists of about 200 engineers, employees and managers.