GR-520 High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR)

[Key features]

■225~450MHz ■Wideband 5MHz DS-SS ■Data rate up to 4Mbps ■Encryption 256-bits AES ■Low Probability of Interception (LPI) ■Low Probability of Detection (LPD) ■Self-forming, Self-healing Network ■Voice-Over-IP ■Adaptive Transmit Power ■Adaptive Data Rate ■Unicast IP-based or Multicast Capability

New technology creates new age. Direct Sequence–Spread Spectrum (DS-SS) technology opens up new age of military communication technology with high capacity data transmission of LPI/ LPD in EW age. Glocom’s slogan is to support the real-time exchange of necessary military information like voice, data, images, video for all military units at any time and any place. For it, GR-520 HCDR which supports high speed data rate with DS-SS technology is a suitable mean. GR-520 works in frequency range from

225~450MHz. This radio is a multi-function software defined radio system, so usable in all military units. The defecto-standard encryption algorithm AES256 guarantees the loss of information during transmission. The standard interface like RS-232/485, IP, Bluetooth ensure easy installation and use of radio system. According to the customer’s requirements, the user interface can be multilanguages and multi-language short message service is available.

The GR-520 HCDR is a tactical IP radio delivering high-speed broadband communications to the battlefield. The GR-520 HCDR supports ultra-high speed data rates of up to 8Mbps for the transmission of high-resolution voice, video and embedded Blue Force Tracking (BFT) over a truly decentralized mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). With frequency coverage from 225 to 400MHz, the GR-520 HCDR offers a modular range of configurations geared to match the specific operational requirements of any mission, including vehicle configurations, as well as both airborne and marine radio sets. Featuring an SDR design that supports various waveforms, the GR-520 HCDR wireless resources are dynamically utilized between the network members, providing end-to-end IP connectivity for voice, video and data. ■[Modern warfare]-With its small formfactor, ultra-high bandwidth and advanced capabilities, the GR-520 HCDR radio serves as the backbone for secure data network and Ethernet services in the modern battlefield. The solution is ideal for deployment and maneuvering tactical platforms throughout multiple echelons, from Brigade level down to platoon level. ■[Vast data distribution]-As requirements for data dissemination continue to rise, GR-520 HCDR has emerged as a powerful C4I enabler, with capabilities for voice, BFT, IP data and live multicast video. The GR-520 HCDR expedites military missions by ensuring agile

and secured MANET without hindering tactical operations. ■ [Network-centric communications]-The GR-520 HCDR employs advanced algorithms and ultra-high bandwidth to maximize performance throughout the 150-member network. ■[Digital Encryption and scrambling]-The GR-520 can be fitted with a variety of scrambling and digital encryption functions for voice and data security. The GR-520 includes secure calling(an innovative narrow band voice scrambler providing secure point to point or point to multipoint communication), AES 256 bit digital encryption assuring secure voice and data operation ■[Video and voice streaming]- The GR-520 HCDR supports video/data and voice simultaneously, highly effective mulicast transmission of high definision live video, multi-hop capabilities for all devices ■[MANET]-Up to 150 members, implements a fully decentralized IP MANET, delivering CNRlike voice, IP data and video to the network, Fully automated selfforming, self-healing network, No single point of failure, No reliance on GPS or master station for synchronization, Automatic relay formations for effective multi-hop voice, data and video communications, Smart data link: Link establishment and maintenance is made possible by manipulating both transmission power and modulations as per data type. ■[IP routing/gateway]-Embedded IP router/gateway.

General Specifications

Frequency Bands225MHz~450MHz
Channel Bandwidth125kHz, 5.5MHz
Output PowerAdaptive transmission power up to 20W
ModulationFSK, OFDM
DS-SS Gain18~27dB
Data RateUp to 4Mbps
Data InterfaceEthernet
EncryptionAES 256
NetworkingMobile Ad-Hoc (self-forming, self-healing), support unitcast, multi-unicast, multicast and broadband
Relay SupportAutomatic formation up to 6 hops

Power Supply

Input Voltage24VDC, polarity protection, surge protection


Operating Altitude Up to 2000m
Operating Temperature-10~70°C
Storage Temperature-40~75°C
Humidity90% relative


MTBF > 2000 hours
MTTR < 20 minutes


Dimension 19” Rack mount, PXI-3U

GR-520 HCDR Set

The Glocom GR-520 High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR) Set is a tactical IP radio delivering high speed broadband communications to the battlefield. The GR-520 HCDR supports ultra-high data rate of up to 8Mbps for the transmission of high-resolution voice, video and embedded Blue Force Tracking (BFT) over a truly decentralized mobile ad-hoc network (MANET).

The GR-520 is ideal for extended mobile field operations providing the tactical user with effective, secure and comprehensive IP communications with remote sited command locations. It includes all necessary accessories. The standard set includes followings:-

  • GR-520High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR)
  • GA-310-AT-03Whip Antenna
  • A520-EC01Ethernet Cable
  • A520-AC01Power Cable (AC)
  • A520-DC01Power Cable (DC)
  • 3rd PartyEthernet Switching Hub
  • A520-UM10User Manual

GA-310-AT-03 Mobile Antenna

This is 100MHz~400MHz whip antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts: antenna base, vibration absorbing device, antenna sections. It can be equipped with GR-310/350/510/520 radio sets.

A520-EC01 Ethernet Cable

Connect GR-520 to Ethernet Hub, 8 way cable, RJ-45 connector-RJ-45 connector, 10m

A520-AC01 4 Way Power Cable

Connect GR-520 to AC220V Source, 10A, 1m

A510-DC01 2 Way Power Cable

Connect GR-520 to DC12V Source, 1m

Ethernet switching hub

The commercial Ethernet switching hub can be used to connect radio and PCs.

A520-UM10 User Manual

It is a field-reference user manual for GR-520 system to install and maintenance.