GR-8400L Datalink Transceiver

Datalink Transceiver with FH, Digital Secure EPM, TDMA Functions

Key features

  • Compact and high performance
  • Small and lightweight
  • Data rate
  • 1:1, 1:N full duplex
  • Fully compatible with ECCM
  • Transmit Power up to 5W
  • Interface: RS-232C, RS-485, RS-422, Ethernet, TCP/IP

General Specifications

Preset Channels10 channels
Communication Mode1:1, 1:N, Full Duplex
MAC ProtocolTDMA
Frequency Stability±1ppm
Transmission Delay50ms
Data Rate64~400kbps
TRANSECFH @ 320hps with bandwidth 100MHz
COMSECAES 256 Algorithm
Power Supply22-36VDC, polarity protection
Current Consumption<3A(Tx), <0.8A(Rx)
RF Impedance50Ω
Data InterfacesRS-232C,422,485, Ethernet
ProtocolSNMP, TCP/IP, Ethernet etc...


Image & IF Rejection≥80dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection≥60dB


RF Power0.5-5W
Spurious Outputs>50dBc


Operating Temperature-40~70ºC
Storage Temperature-45~85ºC


MTBF >20000hours

The GR-8400L Datalink transceiver system reaches the highest capability in data communication system like Telemetry/Tracking & Command (TTC), Air-Defense Datalink System (ADDS) - to deliver real-time information superiority on today’s battlefields.

The GR-8400L Datalink transceiver also features 1:1, 1:N protocols and TDMA protocol to provide any reliable linking and error-free data transfer - even under the most challenging applications on real-time data.

As GR-8400L Datalink transceiver features Software Communications Architecture (SCA), so easy to update the extended functions in field by firmware upgrading which enables loading of feature waveforms, communication modes and protocols.

Incorporating enhanced anti-jamming measures and embedded AES encryption, all GR-8400L transmissions are completely secure and reliable. Built-in AES provides high-grade security for all transmission using a 256-bit key. The encryption algorithm can be customized by customer’s requirement.

Providing all of these features in a light weight, small size and easy installation kit than legacy models, the GR-8400L Datalink transceiver enables today’s system integrator for telemetry/tracking & command, air defense system to take on tomorrow’s missions.

GR-8400L Datalink Transceiver Set

The GR-8400L Datalink transceiver is ideal for air-defense datalink system and telemetry/tracking and command (TTC) system which require high reliability real-time ECCM/TDMA datalink. The standard set includes:-

  • Datalink TransceiverGR-8400L
  • Control Cable (2m)A8400L-CC01
  • Data Cable (2m)A8400L-DC01
  • Ethernet Cable (2m)A8400L-EC01
  • Helical AntennaA8400L-HA01
  • Helical Antenna Cable (Max 3m)A8400L-HA01-C1
  • Mobile AntennaA8400L-MA01
  • Mobile Antenna Cable (Max 3m)A8400L-MA01-C1
  • User ManualA8400L-UM10
  • Setup/Control ApplicationA8400L-Win


  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)A8400L-PS01
  • System Network Controller (SNC)GE-8400
  • Ethernet Switching HubA8520-LH12/5

Control Cable(A8400L-CC01)

Is an rugged flexible cable with 9 way MIL cicular connector/2m length used to control the transceiver by controller. It is connected between GR-8400L’s J3 connector and controllers like computers.

Data Cable(A8400L-DC01)

Is an rugged flexible cable with 5 way connector/2m length used to transmit the data. It is connected between GR-8400L’s J4 connector and data sources like radars.

Ethernet Cable(A8400L-EC01)

This cable is the Ethernet cable to connect transceiver and System Network Controller. It used to control the transceiver and to transmit data for any applications.

Helical Antenna(A8400L-HA01)

Is an antenna consisting of one or more conducting wires (monofilar, bifilar, or quadrifilar with 1, 2, or 4 wires respectively) wound in the form of a helix.

Mobile Antenna(A8400L-MA01)

Is mobile antenna to install on mobile station. The antenna is composed of three parts. The antenna is light weight, good flexibility, endurable for corrosion.

User Manual(A8400L-UM01)

Is a field reference user manual for GR-8400L datalink transceiver system.

Setup/Control Application(A8400L-Win)

The software application allows user to enter frequency, mode, encryption code and other parameters into a Windows-based computer program and save it to a file.

Power Supply Unit(A8400L-PS01)

It is 320W AC-DC/DC-DC converter to supply power into GR-series mobile radio system. It supports very high efficiency, over-voltage protection, polarity protection.

System Network Controller(GE-8400)

Is a control system wherein the control loops are closed through a communication network. The defining feature of an SNC is that control and feedback signals are exchanged among the system's components in the form of information packages through a network.

Ethernet Switching Hub(A8520-LH12/5)

This software application allows user to enter frequency, mode, encryption code, ALE network information and other parameters into a Windows-based computer program and save it to a file.