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GA-35SM Shock Absorber

Shock Mount Assembly for Anti-Vibration and Anti-Shock

GA-35SM Shock Absorber

In recent years, the continuous improvement of military machinery performance has always been accompanied by the increase of speed and impact force. This means that the vibration is increased to the surrounding environment, and this vibration must be controlled effectively.

Key Features

■ Elastic element of stainless-steel wire rope with high performance of vibration damping
■ High fatigue resistance
■ High aging resistance
■ Long life time
■ Workable for a long time
■ Simple structure and easy manufacturing

General Specifications

Natural Frequency 8~12Hz
Rated capacity4~7kg
Critical damping ratio >=0.15
Dimension53DX31H mm
Weight 0.046 kg
Operating temperature -50°C ~+50°C

Assembly Diagram

GA-35SM Assembly Diagram