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GA-8100OH Military Official Handset

GR-8100OH Military Official Handset

This handset was designed for use under combat conditions which includes explosions, heavy trucks or tanks driving nearby, etc.

Key Features

■ Military Grade Handset
■ Lightweight
■ Use with military radios such as Glocom Radios
■ Cable with U-329 connector
■ Bias voltage is not required on pin F

Technical Specifications


Type Transducer Moving Coil Dynamic Speaker
Impedance600Ω±15% @1kHz
Sensitivity 105dB±3dB at 1k at 1mW
Frequency response300Hz ~ 4kHz
Rated input power 0.1W
Maximum input power 0.2W


Type Transducer Moving Coil Dynamic MIC
Sensitivity Range-61±3dB @ 1kHz
Impedance Max150Ω±20% @ 1kHz
Frequency300Hz ~ 3kHz


Operating Temperature -30 ~ +75° C
Relative Humidity<96%

Ohmmeter Readings:

■ A (gnd) to B (Speaker) = 600 Ohms
■ A (gnd) to C (PTT) = normally open, 6 Ohms PTT pressed
■ A (gnd) to D (mike) = normally open, 150 Ohms PTT pressed
■ A (gnd) to E (External) = always open Speaker

OEM: Can design and manufacture per the customer request, match all kinds of connectors.