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GBSS-2017 Border Security System

HQ System

HQ System

Regional HQ/Border Vehicle

Regional HQ/Border Post

Key Features

  • Turnkey solution is customized and tailored to your mission
  • Provides full situational awareness for commanders and forces
  • Greatly improves reaction time of border protection forces
  • IP-based open architecture allows easy expansion and upgrades
  • Leverages Glocom’s wealth of experience with critical communications; expertise with systems integration and sensor technology
  • Management of assets for remote configuration and maintenance etc...
Mobile Force Vehicle

Mobile Force

Dismounted Soldier Force

Dismounted Soldier Force

Communications Subsystems

The communications system integrates the Glocom tactical radio network with standard communications interfaces to provide reliable communications that seamlessly integrate with commercial systems. Glocom radios provide secure communications between the shelter and individual users and command centers, as well as receiving alerts from the sensor field. The Glocom tactical radio network handles both IP data and voice traffic. Both data and voice can be routed over the HF communications system for over-the-horizon links or the high capacity data radio for line-of-sight communications. The network can also be connected to any IP transport, such as a headquarters net

work or a commercial satellite service. Voice traffic is routed by the network into an available telephone connection allowing calls to be made to and from the field for integration with a dispatch system.

Command and Control

Situational awareness software(BMS Applications) in the shelter tracks the location of every radio user as well as the location of sensor alerts. This Common Operational Picture(COP) is displayed in the shelter and on any display remotely connected to the shelter. Imagery and ground surveillance radar data is also fused and displayed on the COP. The data from a number of shelter systems can be fused on a headquarters display to give an accurate view

of the border security situation.

Sensors Subsystems

The system is designed to easily connect to sensors with a standard interface, allowing for custom sensors to be chosen for specific operations. In its standard configuration, the shelter provides day and night imagery (video and still), ground radar, and remote intrusion detectors. The remote intrusion detectors can be deployed as a combination of seismic vibration), passive infrared and acoustic(movement), and magnet (metal) sensors. This combination significantly lowers the risk of false detection. The sensors wirelessly transmit alerts to the shelter and individuals who need to be informed.

Mobile System

Equipment & Options

Mobile Vehicles

  • Sized to fit application
  • Ruggedized ECU
  • Universal AC power inputs
  • Generator options

Configurable Equipment Options

  • GR-150 HF radio
  • GR-310 VHF/UHF radio
  • GR-510 Video radio
  • GR-8520 HCDR
  • GR-700 MWR
  • GD-200 BFSR
  • Cameras - IR, video, long range
  • PBX, telecom
  • Video conference


  • GS-930 Situation awareness, messaging
  • Signal intelligence
  • Data fusion
  • Networking
  • SNMP management

Border Security Systems & Network

Border Security Systems & Network Architecture

Border Surveillance & Security System

Border Security Forces have unique needs to monitor and protect their borders from many threats. A key component in a Border Security System is the capability of the outposts. These outposts are typically located in remote and harsh environments. They need to have the necessary equipment to perform their mission and to be able to communicate autonomously to other outposts and command centers.

The Glocom Border Security Mobile System is a selfcontained, rugged, and easily deployed complete Border Surveillance and Security solution for remote outposts and regional command centers. It is a key component in providing the situational awareness needed at the headquarters for Border Protection Forces. It is designed to easily integrate into larger Command and Control systems as a key building block in a complete Border Security Solution. It enables the Border Protection Forces to be prepared and informed and allows for greatly improved reaction time to threats.

Border Security Mobile System can be permanently installed at fixed locations or rapidly deployed to special areas of operation. Multiple shelters can be deployed and linked to form protective nets across large and diverse protection areas. Renewable power source options ensure constant operation in all environments.

The primary purpose of the mobile system is to allow self-sustained deployment, and if manned, protect the users from environmental conditions, while housing advanced Communications and Border Security capabilities designed for their mission goals. The mobile system contains all the necessary equipment required for the mission and is equipped to handle all aspects of Border Security and Surveillance.

GBSS-2017 Components