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GD-200 Battlefield Surveillance Radar


Man Portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition System
(Detecting of tank, armored fighting vehicles, personnel etc...)

[Mission]-The Man portable Surveillance and Target acquisition radar detects ground targets (including tank, armored fighting vehicles, personnel) and measures coordinates (range, azimuth) in any season, including poor visibility conditions. Man portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar is a highly versatile low-power, high-performance ground surveillance radar. The Man portable radar provides wide-area surveillance to a maximum range of 10 km, day or night and in all weather conditions. This system can be carried by two persons, and put into action in less than five minutes. This radar can be installed at army barracks, police checkpoints for surveillance and operation as well as schools for security and protection ■ [Concept of Operation]-Targets are classified automatically using target classification in terms of Doppler effectiveness, with output Doppler return being channeled to the operator. ■[Operating Principle]-The radar detects and tracks several kinds of ground targets including a crawling person as well as vehicles in a high probability with a sophisticated device and signal processing technology such as LFM impulse compress, range side removing, frequency-agile, FFT filter group process, solid transmit technology. The target reflection signal into the antenna is input to RF front–end with SAW filter through the circulator. The target signal of intermediate frequency mixed with the local oscillation signal that comes from the local oscillation unit through the SAW filter and the limited amplifier. The digital target signal converted in the signal processing unit is processed, so the final target information (range, azimuth) is obtained. On the display, an operator simultaneously tracks the locus of several targets. And it identifies the kind of selected targets.

[Key features]

■Easy to deploy in battle field ■Operating in all seasons ■High versatile low-power, high-performance ■Maximum 10Km in day and night at all weather conditions ■Wide usable area in army barracks, police check points for surveillance, VIP protection etc...

General Specifications

Detection range
PedestrianNot less than 4km
Moving VehicleNot less than 10km
RangeLess than 50m
AzimuthLess than 1.6deg
Co-ordinate Measurement Precision
RangeLess than 30m
AzimuthLess than 1deg
Antenna Directivity Angle
Horizontal Angle(1.6 ± 0.2) deg
Vertical Angle(3.5 ± 0.5) deg
Antenna Azimuth Operating Range± 45deg
Antenna Rotation SpeedLess than (4± 1)deg/s
Target IndicationLCD, sound
Moving Target Speed2~60Km/h
Set-up/Tear-down time5 minute
Power Source and Consuming Power
Power SourceDC12V
Consuming PowerLess than 30W
Operating Temperature-30~60°C
Storage Temperature -50~70°C
GD-200 components

GD-200 Battlefield Surveillance Radar Set

GD-200 box & tablet

The Glocom GD-200 Battlefield Surveillance Radar Set is ideal for extended portable field operations providing the tactical user with effe ctive, secure and comprehensive surveillance with remote sited command locations. It includ es all necessary box, tripod, computer, antenn as. There are also some options for vehicle in stallation, tool kits etc. The standard set comp rises:-

  • GD-200-01Transceiver with antenna
  • GD-200-02Tripod
  • GD-200-03Remote control & display unit (PC)
  • GD-200-04Headphone
  • GD-200-05Ethernet cable (5m)
  • GD-200-06Li-Ion battery (12V/20A) with cable (1m)
  • GD-200-07Battery charger
  • GA-34A320W power supply unit with cable
  • GD-200-0930 x time CCD Camera set
  • GD-200-10Setup and application kit


  • Comfortable & durable so as to be set up at any place or vehicle to detect moving target within distance of 4km and radius of 6km.
  • To be coupled with the computer system to detect the target moving in group when set up at the area where pedestrians are rare for security guarantee.
  • To be set up on the top of the building to track the sniper target by detecting the movement of target such as the noise or hand motion
  • For the security of special forces camping in tent, 4 sets of radars, for instance, can be set up to detect the approaching enemy, display its coordinates to be shown on the digital map for early warning.
  • For protection of a certain building, it can be set up on the ladder or veranda to detect the terrorists within the random range of computer display.
  • This radar is powered by a battery or any other 12V DC source.