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GR-611D Battalion Artillerist Radio
Reliable and Secure Connectivity for Artillerist

[Key features]

■Frequency range 350~450MHz ■Voice/Data simultanaous mode ■TDMA ■100 preset channels ■Built-in GPS ■FH 100hps ■256-bits AES digital secure ■RF Power 3W ■RS-232C & Bluetooth ■Ad-Hoc relay ■Built-in wireless fill-gun (OTAR) ■Compact & light weight

The GR-611D Battalion Artillerist Radio (BAR) is designed specially to meet the unique demands of providing secure and reliable voice, data and situation awareness communication at legacy battalion artillery level.

Optimized for maximum performance across the highly variable environments soldiers operate in, and enabling range extending networks, the GR-611D provides continuous coverage in the 350MHz~450MHz frequency range and ensures reliable connectivity between artillerists and with battalion level. The GR-611D has already been adopted as the standardized personal radio platform for legacy battalion artillerist modernization programs in local and some countries. The GR-611D provides secure, digitized voice and data communications to artillerists without distracting their attention from the task at hand. The radio’s small and light weight, and it powered by lithium-ion battery. A unique team-based waveform and digital wireless network allows reliable communications in situation where traditional backbone is not available or is out of range. The radio provides data/voice simultaneous transmission, TDMA mode, Ad-Hoc service and ECCM, so it allows several simultaneous talkers on the net with an confirmed time cycle - resulting in a more real-time, dynamic operation environment, free from the constraints of traditional radio systems. The radio is data-enabled and incorporates a built-in GPS receiver, allowing easy-to-use situation awareness, position tracking and messaging services. A RS232C/Bluetooth interface allows connection of Android—mobile devices for enhanced data applications. All transmissions are secured by built-in 256-bit AES encryption algorithm. The BAR - reliable and secure connectivity for every soldier, assured by Glocom.

General Specifications

Frequency Range350~450MHz
Band Width25KHz, 400KHz
Preset Channel100 programmable
ModeVoice/Data, Position reporting
WaveformArtillery Tactical Network Waveform Warrier Tactical Network Waveform
RF Power3W
Frequency Stability±1ppm
ECCMTRANSEC (Narrow band 10MHz, Wide band 70MHz, 100hps), COMSEC (AES-256)
Media AccessTDMA
Data Rate2.4kbps~384kbps
Position ReportingBuilt-in GPS
Data InterfaceRS232C/Bluetooth
RF InterfaceTNC (Antenna), BNC(GPS Antenna)
ProgrammingOTAR(Wirless fill-gun), RS232C
Power SupplyDC11.1V/6Ah Li-Ion Battery
Battery Duration20hours @ Tx(1):Rx(3):Stby(10)
Dimension210x80x45mm with battery
Operating Temp.-30°C~60°C
Storage Temp.-45°C~70°C
Immersion30 minutes @ 2m

GR-611D Battalion Artillerist Radio Set

The Glocom GR-611D Battalion Artillerist Radio (BAR) set provides dismounted artillerists with the tactical information exchange and situation awareness sharing with command & control unit, and among each other in real-time on battlefield. The standard set includes:-

  • GR-611DBattalion Artillerist Radio Body
  • A611D-WA01Whip Antenna
  • A8600-GA01GPS Handheld Antenna
  • A8600-BP01Battery Pack
  • A8600-BC1B1 Bay Battery Charger
  • A611D-UM10User Manual


  • A8100-OH01Officer Handset
  • A8100-TH01Tactical Headset
  • A8100-TH02Earpiece with Clear Tube
  • A8600-BC2B2 Bay Battery Charger
  • A611D-CP01Carrying Pouch
  • A611D-01CRS232 Data Cable
  • A611D-K01Configuration Kit
GR-611D uses in battlefield

Whip Antenna(A611D-WA01)

Frequency range. 350~450MHz, Gain:≥-1dBi, VSWR: ≤1.5:1 Typical, Impedance:50Ω, Female TNC, 3W, Length: ≤21cm


GPS Handheld Antenna(A8600-GA01)

A removable passive antenna. Center Frequency: 1575.42± 1.023MHz, Bandwidth: 10MHz min, Gain at Zenith: 5.0dBic typ, Gain at 10° elevation: -1.0dBic min, Polarization: R.H.C.P, Axial Ratio: 1.0dB typ.


Battery Pack(A8600-BP01)

The battery pack is a very high-capacity, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery. Use with A8600-BC1B/4B/6B battery charger system.


1 Bay Battery Charger(A8600-BC1B)

Compatible with A8600-BP01 Li-Ion battery, Charging time:6 hours, Input:100~240VAC/0.45A


User Manual(A611D-UM10)

Field reference user manual for GR-611D Battalion Artillerist Radio


A8100-OH01 Officer Handset

Rugged structure tactical handset, easy to operate, Water-proof and moisture-proof.


Tactical Headset(A8100-TH01)

Head-mount, single left earphone, designed for extended wear in active environments, ultra lightweight frame, superior comfort and fit


Light Headset(A8100-TH02)

Light headset with single PTT, single left earphone, ultra lightweight frame, superior comfort and fit


2 Bay Battery Charger(A8600-BC2B)

Compatible with the A8600-BP01 Li-Ion battery, charging time:6 hours, Input:100~240VAC/0.45A


Carry Pouch(A611D-CP01)

Durable Cordura fabric and incorporates Molle straps for attachment to a variety of load-bearing vests and other gear. Securely holding in the holster to prevent accidental loss.


RS232 Data Cable(A611D-DC01)

Connects the GR-611 data interface to a RS-232C Interface, cable length 1m


Configuration Kit(A611D-K01)

GR-611D programming software and utility software for Android, and instruction manual