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GR-621 Crypto Speaker Microphone

For VHF/UHF Walkie-Talkie

GR-621 Crypto Speaker Microphone


■Front line soldiers ■Special forces ■Warships ■VIP protection ■Guards ■Police

[Key Features]

■Secure voice communication between walkie-talkies ■Easy to operate ■Compact & light weight design ■Digital encryption AES (Rijndael) or customized ■Excellent voice quality (MELP 2000)

The communication and situation awareness platform for the modernized soldier

The GR-621 crypto speaker microphone is designed specially to meet the unique demands of providing secure and reliable voice, data and situation awareness communication at soldier level. Optimized for maximum performance across the highly variable environments soldiers operate in, and enabling range extending networks, the GR-621 crypto speaker microphone provides continuous coverage in the voice frequency band and ensures reliable connectivity between squad members and with command level intelligence. The GR-621 crypto speaker microphone has already been adopted as the standardized personal radio platform for multiple soldier modernization programs in local and some countries.

General Specifications

Key management Diffie-Hellman mode
ECCM256bit AES (Rijndael) Or customized algorithm
Interface2 holes walkie-talkie sockets
Voice encoderMELP 2000
Speaker Output0.5W
Operating temperature-10° C ~ +40° C
Storage temperature-50° C ~ +70° C
Dimension99mm x 53mm x 20.5mm

GR-621E Crypto Speaker Mic Set

  • GR-621Crypto Speaker Microphone
  • GA-621-01Charger & Cable
  • GA-621-02User’s Manual
GR-621 Components