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GS-2300 Airborne Command & Control Data Link
Reliable Data Link for Tactical Air Coordination
in Shared Airspace
Reliable Data Link for Tactical Air Coordination in Shared Airspace

Advanced Airborne Solutions Enhance Your Mission’s Reach

Key applications

■Aircraft control ■Air traffic control ■Command & Control ■Airspace Surveillance

Joint and combined military operations and multinational missions are driving the change from platform-centric operations to network enabled operations. Glocom supports ITCCS for stationary, land mobile, shipborne, airborne and soldier with high-tech information technology with excellent communication technology. Hereby, the airborne system is designed for all kinds of airborne applications in air-force.

ITCCS (Integrated Tactical Command & Control System ) GS-2000 is an integral whole of various tools used for accurate understanding of battlefield situations, decision-making, speedy and correct implementation of tasks, and conduct of operational simulations and emulations.

C4ISR system is largely composed of sensors dedicated to tactical intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance; a command and control system for accurate understanding of battle field situations on the basis of real-time information sharing and analysis, as well as rational decision-making and speedy transmission of orders; and a field management system comprising weapons management system, operation management system, etc., which encompass various kinds of combat equipment, personnel, and all other elements that take part in battles and wars either directly or indirectly.

System Overview

The Glocom GS-2300 is designed to provide mission-critical, air-to-ground, air-to-air fully networked data communications. The data link can provide a range of combat information in near-real time to friendly’s combat aircraft and C2 centers. The displayed information includes an integrated air common picture with both friendly and hostile aircraft locations, general situational awareness data, and amplifying data on air and ground targets, including air defense threats.

This will contribute to the integrated control of fighters by either ground-based or airborne controllers and will greatly increase the fighters’ situational awareness and ability either to engage targets designated by controllers or to avoid threats, thereby increasing mission effectiveness and reducing fratricide and attrition.

Key benefits

Unified situation picture: Integration with multiple sensors , provides a unified situation picture to support decision making as well as real-time operation.

Synchronization of integrated joint forces: Enables managing aerial assets in the tactical airspace and integrating airpower into maneuvering with joint and coalition forces.

Significant cost savings: SWaP-optimized for deployment in fixed-wing, rotary, unmanned and vehicular systems, the Glocom radios provide an inexpensive, highly adaptive solution for the update of aircrafts, so as to enhance their abilities in the future network centric operation environments.

Glocom GS-2300 C2 data link as part of a TDMA network

Operational capabilities

  • full duplex network based on TDMA infrastructure
  • Aerial Common Picture compilation and dissemination
  • Tactical airspace monitoring and coordination
  • Aerial mission execution control
  • Aerial mission planning
  • Post mission analysis, after-action review and debrief

System functions

  • Position reporting on digital map
  • Sharing of radar information
  • Sharing of command & control information
  • Real-time sharing of situation awareness information
  • Remote control access via local area network
  • Military operation planning, simulation & emulation
  • Sharing of mission control data
  • Evaluation/review of military operation

GR-432C Datalink Transceiver

The GR-432C Datalink Transceiver is especially designed for data communication system like Telemetry/Tracking & Command (TTC), Air-Defense Datalink System (ADDS) and Tactical Datalink System - to deliver real-time information superiority on today’s battlefields.

Benefits to end user

  • Provides safe and secure communications in the aviation safety spectrum
  • Supports both point-to-point and networked communication modes
  • Optimized SWaP for reliable communications from disadvantaged platforms
  • Proven ease of integration with the various TDL hosts
  • Advanced anti-jam performance

Easy installation in cockpit or avionic bay

The radio is designed to use in vehicle, shipborne and airborne. It can be installed in any 4-wheel vehicle, tanks, ships and airborne. Almost of radios are designed “jerk-and-run” concept, so it is very easy to configure airborne system from standard version. If any vehicles or airborne is defective, it can take out just, and can be use in portable purpose.


Frequency Range 430~470MHz
Channel Spacing100kHz, 150kHz, 200kHz
Modulation FSK
Data Rate 1200bps~115.2kbps
Frequency Stability ±1ppm
RF Impedance 50Ω
Communication Mode 1:N TDMA (max. 64)
TDMA Period 2s @ N=10
Power Supply 11~14VDC, Over-voltage, polarity protection
Data Interface RS-232C
Programming PC
Dimension 147.5x110x25mm
Weight ≤800g


Sensitivity-116dBm @ FSK, 1kbps, BER 10-3
AFC ±50kHz
Current Consumption ≤200mA


RF Power50mW~10W
Harmonic Suppression ≥50dBC
Current Consumption ≤4.5A


Operating Temperature-40~60°C
Storage Temperature -50~70°C
Humidity 95%
GR-432C Datalink Transceiver GR-432C Datalink Transceiver

GR-432C Datalink Transceiver

GS-2300-01 Command & Control Center System

GS-2300-01 Stationary System

GS-2300-01 Stationary System

The Ground vehicle system version of GS-2300-01 provides complete communications upgrades to vehicle platform, thus offering customers the cost-effective mobile command and control capabilities. The vehicle system is designed for all kinds of ground vehicle.

GS-2300-01 Command & Control Center System supports ATC solutions for military and civil ATC applications. It can be a ground command and control center for air-force. All real-time target information, radio information can be concentrated into GS-2300-01, so the commander can make a decision in real-time. It supports battlefield management functions like situation awareness, military operation planning, simulating, distributing, review etc...

GS-2300-01 Ground Vehicle System

GS-2300-01 Ground Vehicle System

GS-2300-01 Configuration

GS-2300-01 Configuration

GS-2300-01 Ordering Information

1UHF Data Radio SetGR-432G-TCGlocomSet1
1-1UHF Data RadioGR-432CGlocompc1
1-2Data CableA432C-DC10Glocompc1
1-3Fuselage Antenna with cable (5m)GA-413BGlocompc1
1-4Battery PackBB-2590/UGlocompc2
1-5Power Cable (2m)A432C-PC10Glocompc1
1-6Battery ChargerA8100-BC2BGlocompc1
1-7User ManualA432C-UM10Glocomcopy1
1-8Setup/Control Application (Windows)GC-432CGlocomcopy1
1-9PSU, 12VDC/100W (option)GA-33AGlocompc1
2HF/VHF Manpack Radio SetGR-8100HVGlocomSet1
2-1HF/VHF Manpack RadioGR-8100VHGlocompc1
2-2Officer HandsetA8100-OH10Glocompc1
2-3VHF 2.4m Whip AntennaA8100-WA2.4VGlocompc1
2-4HF 20m x 2 Dipole AntennaA8100-DA20Glocompc1
2-5GPS Mobile AntennaGA-50AGlocompc1
2-6Battery Box without BatteryA8100-BB31Glocompc1
2-7Battery PackBB-2590/UGlocompc2
2-8Battery ChargerA8100-BC2BGlocompc1
2-9Ground Stake KitA8100-GK25Glocompc1
2-10Field Reference GuideA8100-HVUM01Glocompc1
2-11Setup/Control Application (Windows)A8100-APPV10Glocomcopy1
2-12HF 2.4m Whip Antenna (option)A8100-WA2.4Glocompc1
2-13Asynchronous Data Cable (option)A8100-DC01Glocompc1
2-14Ethernet Cable (option)A8100-EC24Glocompc1
3Computer & Peripherals
3-1Rugged PC (Windows)2 COM Ports3rd partypc1
3-2Ethernet-RS232C Converter (option)NP3013onedatapc2
3-3Ethernet Cable (option)5m3rd partypc3
4Software Package
4-1Command & Control Software for C2 centerGS-930FLGlocomcopy1

GS-2300-02 Airborne System

GS-2300-02 Airborne System

GS-2300-02 Configuration

GS-2300-02 Configuration

GS-2300-02 Ordering Information

1UHF Data Radio SetGR-432M-TCGlocomSet1
1-1UHF Data RadioGR-432CGlocompc1
1-2Data CableA432C-DC10Glocompc1
1-3Airborne antenna with cable (1m)GA-411BGlocompc1
1-4Mobile GPS Antenna (1m)GA-50AGlocompc1
1-5Bluetooth AntennaBrand3rd partypc1
1-6Power Cable (2m)A432C-PC10Glocompc1
1-7User ManualA432C-UM10Glocomcopy1
1-8Setup/Control Application (Windows)GC-432CGlocomcopy1
2Computer & Peripherals
2-1Rugged Pad (Android, 5.5~6 inch)ArmorUlefonepc1
2-2Outer BoxA2300-BOX10Glocomcopy1
2-3Battery PackBB-2590/UGlocompc5
2-4Battery ChargerA8100-BC2BGlocompc1
3Software Package
3-1Command & Control Software for airborneGS-930EGGlocomcopy1