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GS-2600-01 UAV/USV Video, Telemetry/Control System
DS-SS/QPSK/H.265 Technology
Multi-Channel, Full-Duplex data radio
GR-510G/M Transmitter

GR-510G/M Transmitter

GR-510G/M Receiver

GR-510G/M Receiver

[Key Features]

■Frequency range (Video: 935~955MHz, Control: 2120~2160MHz) ■Compatible with various kinds of UAVs/USVs ■Low probability of interception (LPI) ■Low probability of detection (LPD) ■H.265 technology ■Full-duplex mode compatible ■Telemetry/remote control ■Video data rate 2Mbps ■Control data rate 2400bps ■Light weight and compact Size ■256-bits AES digital secure


Range>100Km @ height 1000m
Channel frequency2120-2160MHz (control), 935-955MHz (video & telemetry)
Channel number10 channels (control), 5 channels (video & telemetry)
Communication modeFDMA, TDMA
Data rateVideo(1, 2Mbps), Telemetry(115.2kbps), Control(2400bps)
ECCMDS-SS/Encryption (256bit AES)
RF power3W
Receiver sensitivity<- 95dBm@BER=10-3
Data interfaceRS-232, RS-422, RS-485
Power supply10-14VDC, Over-voltage, polarity protection
Current consumption< 12V/3A(Tx), <12V/0.8A(Rx)
Continue Work Time4 hours
Dimension175mm x 110mm x 65mm(transmitter)
175mm x 110mm x 33mm(receiver)
Weight1.3Kg(transmitter), 0.7Kg(receiver)
VibrationFrequency 5~400Hz, amplitude 0.4~10mm, acceleration 4g
ShockAcceleration 12g, duration 12ms
Operating temp.-40°C~+60°C
Storage temp.-50°C~+70°C
Video compressionH.265 Compatible
Resolution720 x 576 pixel
Frame rate25 frame/second

Traditional war-fighting strategies no longer apply in today’s defense environments. Militaries are transforming into agile, network-centric, knowledge–based forces capable of conducting effective joint and combined military operations. Glocom are professional supplier for G4ISR system and necessary items for it. Specially, UAV/USV video control system is one of the main products, and have long history and experience. The GR-510 video transmission system supports the safe and high quality real-time video communication for UAV, USV, missile, remote sensing, telemetry/remote control etc. It uses high technology like DS-SS technology which is excellent for LPI & LPD, H.265 video processing technology, full-duplex communication technology etc. The mobile system is universal mobile control system for USV/UAV. It supports high survival, quick deployment in battlefield. It is equipped with video receiver, command & control transmitter, status receiver, display system, computer network system, power supply system, HF, VHF, UHF radio system, and C4ISR software system etc. All equipment are compatible with electronic warfare, and for it, they have ECCM functionality. It is compatible with UAV and USV.

GS-2600-01 Video, Telemetry/Control System for USV/UAV

GS-2600-01 Video, Telemetry/Control System would be installed into any USV/UAV system, and it works for coast surveillance and special military operation. This system is compatible with ECCM.

GS-2600-01 Video, Telemetry/Control System for USV/UAV GS-2600-01 Video, Telemetry/Control System for USV/UAV

GR-510M-VTC USV System

  • Video/Telemetry TransmitterGR-510M-VTT
  • Control ReceiverGR-510M-CR
  • Antenna Combiner510M-AC01
  • RF Cable 1 (SMA, 10cm)510M-RF-C1
  • RF Cable 2 (SMA, 20cm)510M-RF-C2
  • RF Cable 3 (SMA, 2m)510M-RF-C3
  • RF Cable 4 (SMA, 2m)510M-RF-C4
  • Video/Telemetry Antenna (USV)510M-ANT01
  • Control Antenna (USV)510M-ANT02
  • Video/Telemetry Antenna (UAV)510M-ANT03
  • Control Antenna (UAV)510M-ANT04
  • 4 Way Power Cable510M-PW-C1
  • 2 Way Power Cable510M-PW-C2
  • Transmitter Control Cable510M-CON-C1
  • Control & Data Cable510M-CON-C2

GR-510G-VTC Stationary System

  • Video/Telemetry ReceiverGR-510G-VTR
  • Control TransmitterGR-510G-CT
  • Antenna Combiner510G-AC01
  • RF Cable 1 (SMA, 10cm)510G-RF-C1
  • RF Cable 2 (SMA, 20cm)510G-RF-C2
  • RF Cable 3 (SMA, 2m)510G-RF-C3
  • RF Cable 4 (SMA, 2m)510G-RF-C4
  • Video/Telemetry Antenna510G-ANT01
  • Control Antenna510G-ANT02
  • 4 Way Power Cable510G-PW-C1
  • 2 Way Power Cable510G-PW-C2
  • Transmitter Control Cable510G-CON-C1
  • Control & Data Cable510G-CON-C2