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GS-2600-04 Telemetry/Remote Control System
One-time Use for Development Only
GS-2600-04 Telemetry/Remote Control System

[Key Features]

■430MHz ~ 470MHz ■Data/RS232C Interface/Max 115.2kbps ■RF power 10W ■Full deplex with TDMA function(Option) ■Individual/group/system code identification function ■1:N communication mode

General Specifications (GR-422 Transceiver)

Frequency range430~470MHz
Channel spacing100kHz, 150kHz, 200kHz
Data rate1200bps~115.2kbps
Frequency stability± 1ppm
RF impedance50Ω
Power supply11~14VDC Over-voltage, polarity protection
Data interfaceRS-232C
Dimension175mm x 110mm x 33mm


Sensitivity-116dBm @ FSK, 1kbps, BER 10-3
Current consumption≤200mA


RF power50mW~10W
Harmonic suppression≥50dBC
Current consumption≤4.5A


Operating temp.-40~+60°C
Storage temp.-50~+70°C
GS-2600-04 Battlefield Use

[Applications of GS-2600-04]

■ Remote control system ■Remote data Tx/Rx system ■Moving target status analysis system ■Security data network system ■ C4ISR system

The roles of the precision-guided weapon in modern war can’t be disregarded anymore. Every countries and companies are competing to develop the new precision guided weapons, and to modernize the old generation weapons to precision guided weapon with low development cost and short period now. The most important technology in development stage is to telemetry and analysis the launched missiles and control them in real time. This technology makes the developers to save the development cost, and shorten the development period dramatically, and upgrades the safety of testing procedure of weapons. Glocom is developing the data communication technology and supporting the developers of precision-guided weapon with the low cost, compact telemetry/remote controller for one-time use.

GS-2600-04 Telemetry/Remote Control System

The Glocom GS-2600-04 Telemetry/Remote Control System is ideal for telemetry and remote control operations providing the developers with effective, secure and comprehensive communications with remote sited command locations. It includes all necessary cables, converters, battery and charger, antennas. The standard set comprises:-

GR-422G-TC Station System (2set)
  • GR-422EUHF Data Radio
  • GA-21AClone cable
  • USB-4604BMRS232-USB Converter
  • GA-33APSU, 12VDC/100W
  • GA-31DLi-Ion Battery Pack(2pcs)
  • GA-32DBattery Charger
  • GA-413CYagi antenna
  • GS-930Application Software
GR-422M-TC On-Board System (10sets)
  • GR-422ETelemetry/Controller
  • GA-21AClone cable
  • GA-44ADC/DC converter(24/12)
  • GA-31DLi-Ion Battery Pack(2pcs)
  • GA-32DBattery Charger
  • GA-411BFuselage antenna