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GS-2700 VIP Protect System
GS-2700 VIP Protect System

Glocom provides VIP Guards with its advanced communication technology and C2 software to organize and perform effectively their operation. The advanced VIP Protect System is based on GIS (1) software and USIS (2) system of Glocom.


  • Maximizes effectiveness of operation organization and minimizes operation failure by geographical analysis and search of GIS software.
  • Improves individual guard’s capability by sharing of information like command & control, situation.
  • Maximizes observation capability by situation awareness.
  • Improves the command & control capability by real-time information transmission.
  • Optimizes guard management by real-time observation of guard position and health status.
  • Improves guard’s survival capability by cooperation between them.


  • Survey of danger points and observation points in advance
  • Effective organization of operation and assurance of safety
  • Improved situation awareness and instant respond to emergency
  • Improved guard’s survival capability

(1) GIS – Geographic Information System
(2) USIS - Universal Soldier Information System

The effectiveness and success of operation come from Glocom GIS software! !

 Glocom provides tactical GIS software, GS-920.

 The GS-920 is a high performance tactical mapping system. The functionality includes track management, layered drawing tools, several geographical analysis tools and searching options.

 The GS-920 maximizes effectiveness of operation organization and minimizes operation failure.

 Before the operation, the commander of Guards knows the danger points and observation points in detail by using a complete set of functions such as buffering analysis, horizon diagram and geographical searching that are some functions of the GS-920, and arranges the guards based on the results.

 The detailed and correct survey of the information in advance by the GIS software, GS-920, makes the operation success.

The operation capability of Guards goes to maximum by Glocom USIS!

The operation capability of Guards goes to maximum by Glocom USIS! !

 The operation capability of Guards consists of individual guard’s capability and command & control (C2) capability of team.

 Universal solider information system GS-2500 improves the operation capability of team greatly by expansion of individual guard’s capability, effective operation organization.

 The guard’s capability is determined by the capability of situation awareness, the capability of real-time command & control acceptance and status report, the capability of decision making and the capability of strike.

 Regarding the future military concept, GS-2500 Universal Soldier Information System is a wireless communication system that provides secure (encrypted) information exchange (such as friendly unit position, tactical command, voice etc.) between command & control units and infantry units. This tactical communication system aims to increase the situation awareness and operation efficiency. GS-2500 Universal Soldier Information System will enable guards to exchange tactical information with command & control units and among each other.

 Universal solider information system GS-2500 improves the C2 capability of team by its powerful C2 function. The commander of team displays the COP on C2 software in real-time on the basis of situation awareness obtained through tactical communication. The detailed and real-time COP enables the commander to make better decision faster and control the units best.

 To sum up, the guard and the team are equipped with proper weapon system and information system which are enough to carry out his duty.

 Generally speaking, the operation capability of Guards will be improved more than 10 times by using universal soldier information system.

 GS-2500 consists of GS-2500-01 named “Communication Man Set” for dismounted soldier communicating with command post and GS-2500-02 named “Modern Soldier Set” for individual dismounted soldier.

GS-2700 Configuration

[Ordering Information]

1Tactical GIS Software, High performance tactical mapping system in a dynamic environmentGS-920GlocomSet1
2Command & Control Software, A battle and crisis management software for the monted and dismounted frontline commander.GS-930FLGlocomSet1
3Command & Control Software, An Android-based management system for the commanders and soldiers at the tactical edge.GS-930EGGlocomSet1
4Universal Soldier Information System, Communication Man Set (CMS)GS-2500-01GlocomSet2
Included following items:-
1)HF Manpack Radio SetGR-150GlocomSet1
2)VHF/UHF SATCOM Manpack Radio SetGR-310GlocomSet1
3)Secure Personal Radio (SPR)GR-611GlocomSet1
5Universal Soldier Information System , Modern Soldier Set (MSS)GS-2500-02GlocomSet20
Included following items:-
1)Secure Personal Radio (SPR)GR-611GlocomSet1
2)Android Tablet for Soldiers3rd partySet1