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GR-310 VHF/UHF SATCOM Manpack Radio

Frequency Hopping, Digital Secure EPM Software Defined Radio

Frequency Hopping, Digital Secure EPM, Software Defined Radio
vehicle manpack

[Key Features]

■30MHz ~ 512MHz ■Fully software defined radio, Extended use of DSP, DDS technology for maximum flexibility ■Breakthrough wideband data performance ■Several options for channel spacing ■Cockpit control via dedicated control panel or remote control via RS-485 interface ■Preset channel operation ■AES256 or Customer oriented EPM capability by FH and digital encryption ■Built-in GPS for position reporting in situation awareness ■Wireless fill-gun (OTAR)

[Operation Mode]

■Clear mode(voice, SMS) ■Secure mode(encrypted digital voice, SMS, data) ■FH mode(encrypted digital voice, SMS, data) ■SATCOM (encrypted digital voice, SMS, data)

The GR-310 is a rugged fully featured tactical Satcom radio solution delivering reliable field deployable communications with unparalleled value. ■[Wideband frequency band operation]-The GR-310 supports in wideband frequency band from 30MHz to 512MHz, so it is possible to use in land force, navy and air force in manpack/mobile conditions. ■[Lightweight and Compact Design]-Using the latest lightweight alloys the GR-310 weight 4kg(4.9kg with 11Ah/12V, Lithium Ion battery pack). Its small physical size makes it comfortable to wear and operate when deployed as a tactical manpack. Designed for the harshest field environments, the GR-310 complies with MIL-STD-810G and is fully immersible to a depth of one meter ■[Advanced calling feature]-The GR-310 radio supports advanced selective calling, banish calling, Automatic mode exchange, 5 digit SMS, Beacon, GPS tracking which are included as standard ■[Remote control]-The GR-310 radio has full operation access to the radio with remote control. ■[Enhanced DSP noise reduction]-MELP1000 vocoder system provides outstanding voice quality by reducing radio frequency interference (RFI), and the effects of electrical interference by enhancing audio signals to provide easier listing. The level of noise reduction can be easily selected to suit prevailing conditions. ■[Automatic antenna tuner]-Whips and untuned wire antennas are simply deployed using the inbuilt, fully automatic antenna tuner. For temporary fixed station and tunable tactical antennas are available. ■[Intuitive operation]-Glocom’s well known intuitive operator interface ensures that operating the GR-310 very simple. Principal key functions are performed using a keyboard array mounted on the front panel. The operator is guided by 128x32 LCD graphics display. The display has adjustable backlighting, allowing

maintenance of night vision or high levels of luminescence in poor visibility. Network station addresses and radio numbers are stored in easily accessible address books and as little as two key strokes will initiate a call. ■[Extended operation time]-The low current consumption of the GR-310 radio enables it to operate for over 20 hours on one battery pack. Spare quick change battery packs are small and lightweight. The battery packs contains the charger management system and can be charged when connected to the radio or separately with charger including grid charger, solar charger. ■[SATCOM function]- The GR-310 supports military tactical Satcom functionality, so it makes possible to communicate in beyond horizon condition. It is possible to communicate in worldwide in anytime, anywhere. ■[Digital Encryption and scrambling]-The GR-310 can be fitted with a variety of scrambling and digital encryption functions for voice and data security. The GR-310 includes secure calling(an innovative narrow band voice scrambler providing secure point to point or point to multipoint communication), AES 256 bit digital encryption assuring secure voice and data operation ■[Frequency Hopping]-The unique, easy to use frequency hopping function requires no central synchronization station, has short entry or late entry time delay and requires no hopping handshakes. Hopping rate of 10 hops per second, using 25 digit hopping encryption key, and user selectable hopping bandwidth to suit the antenna type in use, the system provides excellent protection against Electronic Warfare (EW) attacks.

General Specifictions

Frequency Bands & Modulations

VHF-AM108MHz~116MHz (Rx only)
SATCOM243~270MHz & 292~318MHz
Preset channels100 channels
Channel spacing8.33kHz, 12.5kHz, 25kHz
SATCOM (spacing)5kHz, 25kHz
Emergency frequency243.0MHz (121.5MHz option)
Frequency stability± 1ppm
Channel changing time1ms
Duty cycle1 min x Tx, 5 min x Rx without forced air cooling


Sensitivity0.6㎶(FM), 1.5㎶(AM)
SATCOM–120 dBm for 10 dB SINAD
AM modulation index80% to 100%
Audio output distortion5%
Spurious rejection70dB
SquelchOperates both on output signal-to-noise ratio and input carrier level, thresholds adjustable
IF interface characteristicsFrequency: 70MHz, impedance: 50Ohm unbalanced


Output Power10W(Peak) in AM, 10W in FM
Spurious emissions50dB below carrier level
IF interface frequency70MHz
Impedance50Ω unbalance

Power Supply

Power input configuration DC12V
Power consumption< 180W (in Tx), <40W (in Rx)


Operating Temperature -30° C~+ 70° C
Storage temperature-40° C~+ 75° C
Humidity90% relative


Dimension 230mm x 90mm x 230mm
Weight≤4Kg (4.9Kg with battery)

GR-310 VHF/UHF SATCOM Manpack Set


The Glocom GR-310 VHF/UHF SATCOM manpack radio set is ideal for extended portable field operations providing the tactical user with effective, secure and comprehensive communications with remote sited command locations. It includes all necessary handset, headset, antennas, batteries and others. The standard set comprises:-

  • GR-310VHF/UHF SATCOM manpack radio
  • GA-10AOfficer handset
  • GA-310-AT-02Whip antenna(100-400MHz)
  • A611-GA02Handheld/manpack GPS antenna
  • GA-31DLi-Ion battery pack(2pcs)
  • GA-32DBattery charger
  • GA-131AUser manual


The Glocom GR-310VH VHF/UHF SATCOM mobile set upgrades the GR-310 by providing a convenient vehicle installation kit. With options for power supply system and the flexibility of dismounted use of GR-310 radio when not in the vehicle (additional accessories may be required), the GR-310VH VHF/UHF SATCOM mobile set can be installed in a wide range of vehicle types with antenna options to suit. The standard set comprises:-

  • GR-310VHF/UHF SATCOM mobile set
  • GA-10AOfficer handset
  • GA-310-AT-03Mobile antenna (100-400MHz)
  • GA-50AMobile GPS antenna
  • GA-131AUser manual

GR-310/GR-310VH Available options

  • GR-313Remote control unit (For only GR-310R)
  • GA-11ATactical headset
  • GA-40AExternal speaker with cable
  • GA-211AVHF 2.4m whip antenna(30-88MHz)
  • GA-310-AT-02Whip antenna(100-400MHz)
  • A310-AT04BSATCOM antenna(240-400MHz)
  • GA-212A3.8m VHF antenna
  • GA-21AClone cable
  • GA-31DLi-Ion battery pack
  • GA-32DBattery charger
  • GA-310-AT-05HG SATCOM antenna(240-400MHz)
  • GA-310-AT-06X-wing SATCOM antenna
  • GA-310-AT-07Aircraft antenna(108-137MHz)
  • GA-310-AT-08Aircraft antenna(220-400MHz)
  • GA-33A100W power supply unit
  • GA-34A320W power supply unit
  • GA-122ARucksack
  • GR-311B-ITKMobile installation kit

GA-10A Officer Handset

Officer handset can be used as the audio terminal for Glocom radio sets. The product has the rugged structure, and it is easy to operate, it also has the better performance of waterproof and moisture-proof.


GA-11A Tactical Headset

Tactical Headset adopts structure of head ring soft strap, it is audio terminal. It has the features of small in dimension, light in weight, good water proof performance, high environment adaptability.


GA-111A HF 2.4m Whip Antenna

1.6~30MHz, 40W, Impedance:50Ω, Contact resistance: ≤120mΩ, Length:2400mm, Draw back length: 365mm, ≤0.7Kg, Interface: BNC fixed with threading sheath.


GA-112A HF 15m Line Antenna

This antenna can be used for communication on actual combat. This antenna is used for HF radio set or long distance emergency communication. It has the features of high radiation efficiency, easy carrying and installation.


GA-113A HF 20m x 2 Dipole Antenna

This antenna can be used for communication on actual combat. This antenna is used for stationary HF radio set or long distance emergency communication.


GA-50A GPS Antenna

This is high gain, low loss, active, extra low current consumption, small size GPS antenna. It supports SMA plug and magnetic mounting or screw mounting. It's useful for mobile application with GR series radios.


GA-21A Clone Cable

This is RS-232C data communication cable for GR series radios. It is used for data communication, radio programming and radio control by computer etc.


GA-31D Li-Ion Battery Pack

Capacity: 11.1VDC/10A, Weight: 0.9Kg, Size: 235mmx90mmx60mm, Working current: 6A, Peak current: 9A, Operating temperature: 0~45’C


GA-32D Battery Charger

This is a Li-Ion battery charger. It is controlled by microcontroller and supports the fast charge function, regular charge function, overvoltage protection, automatic charge off function etc.


GA-121A CW Key

This is a morse code key for GR-100 series HF radios. It’s designed to use in rigid environment, so very strong mechanically. It is very small and light for easy carrying.


GA-122A Rucksack

This is a rucksack for GR series man-pack radio system. It is very compatible for soldier to carry radio with all accessories. It can keep antenna, batteries, handset, headset etc…


GA-115A HF Mobile Antenna

This is HF vehicle communication antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts. The antenna is light weight, good flexibility, endurable for corrosion.


GA-211A VHF 2.4m Manpack Antenna

This antenna is vertically polarized omnidirectional antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts as plug, direction changing parts, and antenna sections.


GA-212A VHF 3.8m Mobile Antenna

This is VHF vehicle borne communication antenna. The antenna section is made of fiberglass, thus the features of light weight, good flexibility, endurable for corrosion.


GA-310-AT-02 Whip Antenna

This is 100MHz ~400MHz whip antenna. This is a 13-inch antenna with a swivel base for VHF/UHF Band.


GA-310-AT-03 Mobile Antenna

This is 100MHz~400MHz whip antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts: antenna base, vibration absorbing device, antenna sections. It can be equipped with GR-310/350/510/520 radio sets.


GA-310-AT-04 Manpack SATCOM antenna

The antenna(240MHz~400MHz) is a rapid deploy, high gain, crossed yagi antenna for SATCOM communications. Deployment time is less than one minute.


GA-310-AT-06 X-WING SATCOM Antenna

The X-WING SATCOM antenna (240MHz~400MHz) allows bolt on for permanent installation onto vehicles, shelters and other metal objects.


GA-310-AT-07 Aircraft Antenna

This airborne antnenna(108MHz-137MHz) allows to use in civil aircrafts for ATC. The rugged design allows the antenna to be used for any type of civil aircrafts.


GA-310-AT-08 Aircraft Antenna

This airborne antnenna(220MHz-400MHz) allows to use in military aircrafts for ATC. The rugged design allows the antenna to be used for any type of rotary or fixed wing military aircrafts.


GA-411B Airborne Antenna

This is airborne antenna which supports the frequency range from 430MHz to 480MHz. It’s very rugged, so suitable to install on airplane. It supports very high gain and VSWR.


GA-310-AT-03A Mobile Antenna

This is 30MHz~512MHz whip antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts: antenna base, vibration absorbing device, antenna sections. It can be equipped with GR-310/350/510/520 radio sets.


GA-413B Mobile Antenna

This is UHF vehicle borne communication antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts: antenna base, vibration absorbing device, antenna sections. It can be equipped with GR-400 20W UHF EMP data radio sets.


GA-114A NVIS Antenna

This is mobile antenna which radiates NVIS propagation. It is designed to realize the communication during movement and effectively solve the problem of "communication blind area" in near distance of HF band.


GA-153A/203A Remote Control Unit

This is Remote Control Unit for GR-150. It can control GR-150 up to 2Km remotely. Radio and RCU is connected with twist-pair cable. It is easy to install in tunnel, mobile and ship.


GA-40A External Speaker

This external speaker is suitable for special types of vehicles and other equipment for amplifying the sound and broadcasting.


Power Supply Unit(GA-33A)

This is 100W AC/DC converter to supply power into GR-150 system. It is very useful in stationary, mobile or ship environment.


GA-34A 320W Power Supply Unit

This is 320W AC-DC/DC-DC converter to supply power into GR-series mobile radio system. It supports very high efficiency, overvoltage protection, polarity protection.


GR-101C-ITK Mobile Installation Kit

This is a set of installation kit. It can be used to install GR series radio system into various kind of vehicles, ships or stationary. It is very simple to install or uninstall on the vehicles.


Ethernet switching hub

The commercial Ethernet switching hub can be used to connect radio and PCs.


Rugged PC

The commercial Notebook PC will be used for setup, control and communication.


A310-AT04M Manpack SATCOM antenna

The antenna(240MHz~400MHz) is a rapid deploy, high gain, crossed yagi antenna for SATCOM communications. Deployment time is less than one minute. Only 2.1Kg.