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The History of Glocom

In 2017, Glocom developed GR-8520VU High Capacity Data Radio (HCDR).

Recently the new doctrine of network-centric warfare prompts many countries and companies to develop the high speed radio with IP-based mobile ad-hoc networking that transmits mission-critical voice, data and video quickly and efficiently.

On the way of developing this radio, we analyzed the various radios worldwide of the same kind as compared with each other, and designed the optimized system. This radio is sub-compatible with GR-8520 radio, and is able to be installed in vehicles and shipborne. In addition, the peripheral accessories including handset are compatible with the standard products. The dimension and weight are suitable for handling and the installation is convenient.

Year 2016 was the most difficult, but innovative year for Glocom. This year, Glocom developed GR-8100HV HF/VHF manpack radio.

On the worldwide scale HF and VHF radios were integrated, various waveforms were competitively developed, a great change occurred. Glocom mobilized all the know-how and new technologies accumulated until now to design, develop and test GR-8100HV HF/VHF manpack radio and end users experienced the radio for six months in the real field. This radio is interoperable with GR-150, GR-250 and GR-310 radios, both the weight and volume are reduced to one-third above. Interfaces with user and external systems are reinforced. It is recently recognized that GR-8100HV radio is the Smallest, Lightest and Fastest HF/VHF manpack radio in the world, and Glocom is very proud of that it has no comparable competitor in price vs. performance.

In 2015, GS-2600-01 UAV/USV Video, Telemetry/Control System was developed by Glocom as orders of companies that are professional for developing UAV or USV. This system can be installed in various kinds of strategical or tactical UAV/USV. It has advantages including simple installation, high reliability, secure transmission and ECCM functionality.
The picture shows the Video/Telemetry Transmitter.

GS-2600-04 Telemetry/Remote Control System was developed as orders of companies that are competing to modernize old generation missiles and to develop new generation missile. This system is essential to telemetry and analysis of moving target such as launched missile, and controlling them in real time. This technology help developers to save the development cost, shorten the development period dramatically and upgrade the safety of testing procedure of weapons.
The picture shows the Telemetry Transmitter installed on board.

In 2014, Glocom developed GR-310 VHF/UHF Software Defined Radio (SDR). This radio works in frequency band 30~512MHz, and is suitable to use in co-operation of land, navy and air force.
The picture shows GR-310 VHF/UHF SDR.

In 2013, Glocom developed GR-621 Crypto Speaker-Microphone which can be used with normal walkie-talkies to support encryption function. This GR-621 Crypto Speaker-Microphone supports the encryption function additionally into walkie-talkies, and the voice quality can be upgraded in bad communication environment. The normal USB handphone charger can be us ed for charging of GR-621 battery. The picture shows GR-621 Crypto Speaker-Microphone.

In 2012, Glocom developed GR-611 Secure Personal Radio (SPR). While many countries plan to modernize solider impedimenta, Glocom developed GR-611, which is efficient and inexpensive personal role radio. GR-611 SPR works in UHF band, and is capable to communicate voice and data simultaneously. One group can consists of 6 or less members. It can be connected with Android terminals to use battle management system. Its weight is less than 500g. It works in rushed environment without any problem.
The picture shows GR-611 SPR.

In 2011, Glocom developed GR-150 HF Software Defined Radio (SDR). Most analog functional blocks were expelled, and new digital blocks were added instead, so most functions are processed digitally by digital processors like FPGA, DSP etc. Inners functions can be modified or updated. Using new advanced technology, the signal processing capability of radio system was upgraded radically, so many critical problems like fading in HF band were solved successfully, and the upgrading of radio functions were finished by software upgrading, not hardware exchange.
The picture below shows GR-151C HF 100W amplifier and GR-152C HF 100W automatic tuning unit which can be used with GR-150 HF SDR to amplify the RF power of HF radio. GR-151C HF 100W amplifier and GR-152C HF 100W automatic tuning unit can be installed on stationary, various vehicles and ships.
The picture shows GR-150 HF SDR.

In 2010, Glocom developed and manufactured GR-220 VHF handheld radio for domestic and overseas customers. This radio is completely compatible with GR-200 VHF ECCM radio in given frequency bands and in hopping and secure modes. The picture shows GR-220 VHF handheld radio.

Glocom also developed the GR-101E HF 1000W HF amplifier, which can be used for national warning systems and other strategic purposes. The picture shows GR-101E 1000W HF output amplifier.

In 2010, Glocom developed and manufactured a dedicated reconnaissance receiver GR-120 intended for LF/HF intelligence reception and information analysis. The receiver system is configured in such a way that modularized receiver and signal processing units can operate in parallel arrangements to receive signals in several channels simultaneously. This configuration enables flexible expansion and alteration of the system. The picture shows GR-120 reconnaissance receiver.

In 2010, Glocom developed a multipurpose ultra high speed parallel processor GP-2000, on the basis of deep understanding of the importance of information processing in the course of combats.
The picture shows GP-2000 ultra high speed parallel processor.

In 2009, Glocom developed GR-500 HCDR (high-capacity data radio); GR-510 radio communication system, including a camera system and a stabilization system, which can transmit video, status and control information in unmanned aerial vehicles or boats; and GR-610 handheld radio. GD-500 HCDR which operates in DS-SS mode was developed to satisfy the demands of electronics warfare and air defense units. When used as a network backbone radio, it can transmit huge amount of data at high speed; in clear and secure modes, it is compatible with the already supplied VHF/UHF ECCM radios.

Glocom developed GR-510 video transmission system in cooperation with a research institute engaged in UAV modernization with a view to enable video and control transmission in UAVs, unmanned boats, and unmanned vehicles. Its development was carried out as part of the UAV modernization project. GR-610 handheld radio was developed as a means of command in special operations units, VIP protection units, and infantry and mechanized units. So far 500 sets have been manufactured and delivered to customers. The picture shows GR-610 handheld radio.

The picture shows a division/brigade command communication vehicle equipped with HF and VHF radios. GA-114A NVIS antenna system which was developed by Glocom engineers is set on this vehicle. It is very suitable to communicate within 1,000Km including skip zone which is critical in HF band.

In 2008, Glocom developed GR-400 UHF data radio, GR-420 telemetering/remote controller, and the GR-600 personal role radio. The GR-400 data transceiver is specially designed for data transmission for anti-aircraft early warning systems, integrated command and control systems, fire control systems, and other tactical equipment. It can support a very high data transmission rate (up to 115kbps) and can be installed in airplanes, ships, and vehicles. Until now hundreds of these radios have been manufactured and delivered to customers.

The picture shows the GR-400 UHF data transceiver.

GR-420 UHF remote telemeter/controller was developed to meet the needs of the customers to reduce the price of weapon development and ensure accuracy in the fields of precision guided weapons development, remote sensing and telemetering, etc. It is on high demand. So far over 500 sets have been delivered to companies involved in the development of various kinds of rockets and precision guided weapons.

The picture shows GR-420 UHF remote telemeter/controller.

In 2008, Glocom received an order from the military for handheld radios that can be used in special operations units, command posts, and command vehicles. So it developed the GR-600 personal role radio , manufactured 150 sets of them, and put them to field tests. Until now over 500 sets have been delivered. The picture shows GR-600 personal role radio.

Staring from 2006, Glocom exhibited its products 3 times in the Defense Service Asia weapons exhibition which is held in Malaysia every 2 years. Through the exhibition, Glocom is keeping itself abreast of the latest international trends and promoting cooperation and exchange with overseas customers. So far a considerable part of Glocom's customers has been the companies that came to know of Glocom's reputation through the exhibition.

In 2004, Glocom began to develop GR-300 VHF/UHF ECCM radio to be supplied to domestic and overseas customers. Now the radio entered the mass production stage after passing the field test. It operates in a broad band ranging from 30 to 512 MHz and is completely compatible with the already supplied GR-200 VHF radios in the same frequency bands. It is also compatible with old-generation radios used in airplanes, ships, vehicles, and infantry units, in the clear mode. Therefore, it is regarded as a multifunction radio that satisfies the requirements of both continuity and innovation. The picture show GF-300 VHF/UHF ECCM radio.

In 2002, a new mass production facility for GR-200 VHF ECCM radio was set up, equipped with SMT equipment, measuring equipment, and testing equipment. Its production capacity in one production cycle was 500 sets with 45 employees. In 2005, Glocom produced and delivered 375 sets of GR-200 VHF ECCM radios to an overseas customer for the first time. In that year, Glocom began manufacturing peripheral devices such as remote control units. Now Glocom manufactures more than 1,500 sets of radios and various kinds of peripheral devices every year. In 2004, Glocom unveiled a newly developed HF ECCM radio GR-100 and its accessories. In the latter half of that year, Glocom began to manufacture HF 100W amplifier GR-101C/automatic tuning unit GR-102C and vehicle power supply systems. In 2004, Glocom delivered 10 sets of HF ECCM radios. Until now it has sold 550 sets to customers worldwide. In 2004, Glocom also developed a comprehensive vehicle radio system equipped with integrated VHF and HF radios. The system won out in a domestically-held competitive bidding and was chosen as a standard communication equipment to be installed in combat vehicles, airplanes, and ships.

The picture above shows the GR-100 HF ECCM radio developed at that time.

From 1997 to 1998, Glocom's priority was to develop GR-200 VHF ECCM radio (then called PDS-200). This project was carried out on the basis of a development contract concluded with another company. Glocom won out in that competitive bidding, as our project was better than those from other producers in terms of delivery conditions, technology, payment terms, overall cost reduction, and system performance. The development and field test of GR-200 VHF ECCM radio was conducted in the late 1998 and technical and design documents necessaries for mass production were immediately drawn up. The picture shows GR-200 VHF ECCM radio.

Glocom was established in 1996. In its early time, Glocom involved in the research and development to modernize old-generation radars with new technologies to enhance their combat usability and increase their lift spans. So far Glocom modernized and delivered to customers more than 50 strategic and tactical radars (altogether 6 kinds). Glocom has long maintained relations of strategic partnership and cooperation with defense companies that produce radars and other reconnaissance and sensing equipment, military vehicles, vessels, airplanes, and helicopters, and other military hardware.