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GR-8100MS HF/VHF 100W Mobile Radio

High Performance HF/VHF Mobile Radio!
camp vehicle ship

High Performance HF/VHF Mobile Radio!

Key Benefits

  • Compact, rugged, fastest HF/VHF 100W mobile radio
  • Wideband data up to 120kbps
  • IP-based LAN, RS-232C, Bluetooth interface
  • Interoperable with GR-150, GR-250 and GR-310 radios


Wideband HF DataMIL-STD-188-110C Appendix D
ALE(1)STANAG 4538 FLSU, MIL-STD-188-141B Appendix A, Appendix B (Linking Protection, AL-1)
Frequency HoppingSerial Tone ECCM GR-150 interoperable
Encrypted DataHF: MIL-STD-188-110C App. D, and Main Body Serial-tone Waveforms, VHF: FSK
VocoderHF: MELP1200

General Specifications

Frequency Range1.6~60MHz
Preset Channels200 channels
Net Presets100, fully programmable
Emission ModesJ3E (single sideband, upper or lower, suppressed carrier telephony) H3E (compatible AM single sideband plus full carrier) A1A, J2A (compatible CW), selectable; F3E (FM)
Data rate75bps~120kbps
TRANSEC(ECCM)10hps(HF), 100hps(VHF)
COMSEC(ECCM)AES256, customized algorithm
VocoderHF: MELP1200, VHF: MELP2400, CVSD
Link EstablishmentSTANAG 4538 FLSU
Frequency Stability±1ppm
RF Impedance50Ω
Power Supply27VDC(22~33VDC)
ProtectionOver-voltage, Polarity, Over-load
Data InterfacesRS-232C, Ethernet, Bluetooth
Remote ControlPC, Android Tablet
ProgrammingPC, Wireless Fill-gun, Keyboard


SensitivitySSB: -113dBm(0.5uV) @ 10dB SINAD
Image & IF Rejection≥85dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection≥45dB
Non-linear Distortion≤5%
SquelchFront panel adjustable


RF PowerHF 1W~100W, VHF 1~50W
Spurious Outputs≤-60dBc


Test methodMIL-STD-810G
Operating Temperature-30~60ºC
Storage Temperature-40~70ºC
VibrationGround tactical

 The Glocom GR-8100MS HF/VHF 100W mobile radio system reaches the highest level in wideband data performance and interoperability with fielded GR-150 HF manpack radio, GR-250 VHF manpack radio and GR- 310 V/UHF STACOM manpack radio - to deliver information superiority on today’s battlefields. It provides continuous coverage from 1.6 to 60MHz, 100W HF and 50W VHF, and bandwidths from 3 to 24 kHz - with data rates of up to 120 kbps.

 No matter the deployment scenario, the GR-8100MS ensures the transmission and receipt of critical communications. With its Glocom GR-150/250/310 interoperability, it easily integrates into existing networks to deliver secure voice and data. It provides extended range, operating over degraded communication channels. And with ultra-robust 3G waveforms, it provides voice and SMS messaging in channels where legacy waveforms don’t work.

 Incorporating enhanced anti-jamming measures and embedded AES encryption, all GR-8100MS transmissions are completely secure and reliable. The radio also features high performance automatic link establishment and data link protocols to provide fast, reliable linking and error-free data transfer - even under the most challenging channel conditions.

 In addition to its array of embedded capabilities—which also include an internal GPS receiver—the GR-8100MS features a Software Defined Radio (SDR) architecture, which allows it to host future capabilities. Combined with its incredible processing power, this ensures it will continue to be state-of-the-art well into the future.

 Providing all of these features in a form factor that’s more compact and 30% lighter than previous HF 100W mobile radio, the GR-8100MS enables today’s warfighter to take on tomorrow’s missions.

GR-8100MS HF/VHF 100W Mobile Radio Set

 The Glocom GR-8100MS 100W mobile radio set compatible with the GR-8100HV HF/VHF manpack radio set. It provides a convenient vehicle installation kit and transmit power amplification to 100W PEP. The GR-8100MS HF/VHF 100W mobile radio set can be installed in a wide range of vehicle types with antenna options to suit. The standard set includes:-

  • HF/VHF 100W Mobile RadioGR-8100MS
  • Officer HandsetA8100-OH10
  • GPS Mobile AntennaGA-50A
  • HF 20mx2 Dipole AntennaA8100-DA20
  • HF Mobile Antenna with CableA8100-WA4.2
  • VHF Mobile Antenna with CableA8100-MA3
  • HF 100W Automatic Tuning UnitGR-8102MS
  • Amplifier-ATU RF CableA8100MS-RC01
  • Amplifier-ATU Control CableA8100MS-CC01
  • Mobile Installation KitA8100-IK10
  • Field Reference GuideA8100MS-UM01

Options for Mobile Set

  • Tactical HeadsetA8100-TH11
  • Speaker MicrophoneA8100-SM13
  • Asynchronous Data CableA8100-DC01
  • Ethernet CableA8100-EC24
  • Power Supply UnitA8100-PS300
  • NVIS AntennaGA-114A
  • Setup/Control Application (Windows)A8100-WIN10
  • Setup/Control Application (Android)A8100-AND10
HF/VHF 100W Mobile Radio

HF/VHF 100W Mobile Radio

HF/VHF 100W Automatic Tuning IUnit

HF/VHF 100W Automatic Tuning IUnit


Officer Handset(A8100-OH10)

The officer handset is a high-grade, lightweight MIL handset for use with the Glocom tactical radio systems. One handset is supplied with each radio.


GA-50A GPS Antenna

This is high gain, low loss, active, extra low current consumption, small size GPS antenna. It supports SMA plug and magnetic mounting or screw mounting. It's useful for mobile application with GR series radios.


HF 20m x 2 Dipole Antenna(A8100-DA20)

This antenna can be used for communication on actual combat. This antenna is used for stationary HF radio set or long distance emergency communication.


HF 4.2m Whip Antenna(A8100-WA4.2)

This is HF mobile communication antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts. The antenna is light weight, good flexibility, endurable for corrosion.


VHF Mobile Antenna(A8100-MA3)

This is VHF mobile communication antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts. The antenna is light weight, good flexibility, endurable for corrosion.


HF 100W ATU Set(GR-8102MS)

This is a set of 100W automatic tuning unit system. It includes 100W automatic tuning unit, RF cable, control cable, antenna cable etc. It will be installed in pair of GR-8100MS 100W mobile radio system.


Installation Kit(A8100-IK10)

This is a set of mobile installation kit. It can be used to install GR series radio system into various kind of vehicles, ships or stationary. It is very simple to install or uninstall on the vehicles.


Field Reference Guide(A8100MS-UM01)

This is a field reference user manual for GR- 8100MS 100W mobile radio system.


Tactical Headset(A8100-TH11)

Tactical headset adopts structure of head ring soft strap, it is audio terminal. It has the features of small in dimension, light in weight, good water proof performance, high environment adaptability.


Speaker Microphone(A8100-SM13)

This speaker microphone amplifies radio audio output for manpack, vehicular and base station applications. It can be connected to audio jack on manpack radio.


Asynchronous Data Cable(A8100-DC01)

This is RS-232C data communication cable for GR8000 series radios. It is used for data communication, radio programming and radio control by computer etc.


Ethernet Cable(RJ-45)(A8100-EC24)

This cable is the Ethernet cable to connect radio and Ethernet port or network hub.


Power Supply Unit(A8100-PS300)

This is 320W AC-DC/DC-DC converter to supply power into GR-series mobile radio system. It supports very high efficiency, over-voltage protection, polarity protection.


GA-114A NVIS Antenna

This is mobile antenna which radiates NVIS propagation. It is designed to realize the communication during movement and effectively solve the problem of "communication blind area" in near distance of HF band.


Setup/Control Application(A8100-APPV10)

This software application allows user to enter frequency, mode, encryption code, ALE network information and other parameters into a Windowsbased computer program and save it to a file.

Comparison GR-8100MS with GR-150MS HF mobile radio

ModelMobilityRangeAnti-jammingChannel availabilityNetworkingData rateResult

Configuration of GR-8100MS 100W Mobile Radio System

Glocom Battlefield Communications Architecture

Glocom Battlefield Architecture