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Multiband Handheld Radio


Multiband, Multifunction, Multi-mission and Multi-role Handheld Radio!

Key Benefits

  • Multiband, multifunction, multi-mission and multi-role tactical radio
  • ECCM with AES and frequency hopping
  • Backward interoperability to communicate over legacy networks like with Glocom GR-250/310 radio
  • Light weight, small form factor and high power
  • Easy upgradable with future-proof architecture

The Glocom GR-8600M multiband handheld radio provides secure voice and high speed networked data in a highly portable form factor. The narrow band LOS, frequency hopping and the optional SATCOM capabilities ensure highly reliable communications for the severe conditions of tactical operations.

Providing situational awareness and data on demand, the GR-8600M seamlessly links dismounted and upper-echelon networks. Even in challenging urban and tactical environments, is can easily transmit mission-critical voice, data, imagery and video—and provide dismounted operators with access to real-time intelligence for increased situation awareness and faster decision-making.

Covering 30 to 512MHz frequency range—with 5W transmit power—support next-generation networking waveforms as well as UHF SATCOM and frequency hopping waveform with protected narrowband voice and data from hostile interference.

Built-in AES provides high-grade security for all transmission using a 256-bit key. The encryption algorithm can be customized by customer’s requirement.

With compact handheld form factor, the GR-8600M continues to support currently fielded accessories, and also supports interoperability with Glocom GR-310 VHF/UHF manpack radio—enabling seamless, enhanced connectivity in the hands for modern warfighters.

General Specifications

Frequency Range30~512MHz
SATCOM: Rx 243~270MHz, Tx 291~318MHz
Channel Spacing/BWNB:8.33, 12.5, 25kHz-AM, 25kHz-FM
FM deviation: 5KHz, 6.5KHz, 8kHz
Net Presets100, fully programmable system presets
Management ToolWindows/Android Setup/control Application
Frequency TuningFront panel: 100Hz
EncryptionAES 256 or customized algorithm
VocoderMELP 2400, CVSD
Emission ModeFM/AM analog voice, FSK MELP/CVSD voice, FSK/PSK data, ECCM


RF Power0.3, 1, 5Watts
Harmonic Suppression≥40dBc typical
Frequency Stability±1ppm


SensitivityLOS FM: 30-512MHz; -113dBm@12dB
LOS AM: 90-512MHz; -103dBm@10dB
SINAD with 30% modulation
SATCOM: 243-270MHz; -120dBm@10dB
Adjacent Channel Rejection≥ –40dB
SquelchSelectable tone, noise


Power Input9.6~14VDC
Power Consumption≤3A@11.1VDC(≤43W@10.8VDC)


External DataBluetooth, Ethernet, RS-232C
AudioStandard 6-pin ADF
Data32-pin pogo pin side connector
Antenna Port50Ω TNC (Female)
Function KnobOff/Volume, 1-16 Presets
Remote ControlIP, RS-232C

Physical & Environment

Shock & vibrationMIL-STD-810G
Immersion2m of water for 30 minutes
Operating Temperature-30~60ºC
Storage Temperature-30~70ºC
Weight≤1Kg with battery

GR-8600M Multiband Handheld Radio

The Glocom GR-8600M multiband handheld radio is ideal for extended handheld field operations providing the tactical user with effective, secure and comprehensive communications with remote sited command locations. It includes all necessary accessories like antennas, battery and battery charger. The standard set includes the following items:

  • GR-8600MMultiband Handheld Radio
  • A8600-WA01Whip Antenna
  • A8600-GA01GPS Handheld Antenna
  • A8600-BP01Battery Pack
  • A8600-BC1B1 Bay Battery Charger
  • A8600-UM01User Manual

Options for GR-8600M

  • A8100-OH10Officer Handset
  • A8100-TH11Tactical Headset
  • GA-310-AT-03AMobile Antenna
  • GA-50AGPS Mobile Antenna
  • A310-AT04BSATCOM Antenna
  • GA-310-AT-06X-Wing SATCOM Antenna
  • A8600-BP01Battery Pack
  • A8600-EC01Ethernet Cable
  • A8600-DC01Configuration/Fill DB9 Cable
  • A8600-RH01Radio Holster
  • A8600-AND10Setup/Control Application (Android)
  • A8600-WIN10Setup/Control Application (Windows)
  • AndroidTablet 5~10”
  • CF-31Panasonic Rugged PC
GR-8600M model

Whip Antenna(A8600-WA01)

30~512MHz Whip handheld antenna, 10W, TNC, 50Ohm, VSWR <4, Gain:-5~-25dBi, 450mm, 0.15Kg


GPS Handheld Antenna(A8600-GA01)

A removable passive antenna. Center Frequency: 1575.42± 1.023MHz, Bandwidth: 10MHz min, Gain at Zenith: 5.0dBic typ, Gain at 10° elevation: -1.0dBic min, Polarization: R.H.C.P, Axial Ratio: 1.0dB typ.


Battery Pack(A8600-BP01)

The battery pack is a very high-capacity, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery. Use with A8600-BC1B/4B/6B battery charger system.


1 Bay Battery Charger(A8600-BC1B)

Compatible with A8600-BP01 Li-Ion battery, Charging time:6 hours, Input:100~240VAC/0.45A


Officer Handset(A8100-OH10)

The officer handset is a high-grade, lightweight MIL handset for use with the Glocom tactical radio systems. One handset is supplied with each radio.


Tactical Headset(A8100-TH11)

Tactical headset adopts structure of head ring soft strap, it is audio terminal. It has the features of small in dimension, light in weight, good water proof performance, high environment adaptability.


GA-310-AT-03A Mobile Antenna

This is 30MHz~512MHz whip antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts: antenna base, vibration absorbing device, antenna sections. It can be equipped with GR-310/350/510/520 radio sets.


GA-50A GPS Antenna

This is high gain, low loss, active, extra low current consumption, small size GPS antenna. It supports SMA plug and magnetic mounting or screw mounting. It's useful for mobile application with GR series radios.


SATCOM Antenna(A310-AT04B)

The antenna(240MHz~400MHz) is a rapid deploy, high gain, crossed yagi antenna for SATCOM communications. Deployment time is less than one minute.


GA-310-AT-06 X-WING SATCOM Antenna

The X-WING SATCOM antenna (240MHz~400MHz) allows bolt on for permanent installation onto vehicles, shelters and other metal objects.


Ethernet Cable(A8600-EC01)

This is RS-232/422 data communication cable for GR-8600 radio. It is used for data communication, radio programming and radio control by computer etc.


Data Cable(A8600-DC01)

This is RS-232/422 data communication cable for GR-8600 radio. It is used for data communication, radio programming and radio control by computer etc.


Radio Holster(A8600-RH01)

This is a rucksack for GR series manpack radio system. It is very convenience for soldier to carry radio with all accessories. It can keep antenna, batteries, handset, headset etc…

GR-8600M components

GR-8600M attaches