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Wideband Team Radio

GR-8610W use

Key benefits

  • Wideband waveforms provide simultaneous voice, video and Situation Awareness
  • Unsurpassed battery life for a team radio with minimal weight
  • Software-programmable security architecture, Standard encryption AES256
  • Easy upgradable with future-proof architecture

With the compact Glocom GR-8610W Wideband Team Radio, tactical team members can share and access secured and operational information. Designed to exceed dismount warfighter operational requirements for range, battery life and mission weight, the GR-8610W also delivers simultaneous voice, high-speed data and up-to-date position location information-enhancing situational awareness and ensuring continuous connection for individual warfighters. Incorporating battery and charging systems as the rest of the widely fielded Glocom handheld radios like GR-8600M, the GR-8610W eases the logistical burden of fielding and training for a new radio system. Plus, its innovative design optimizes power consumption for unparalleled battery life. The radio is capable of running in excess of 24 hours with only one spare battery-helping to minimize total warfighter carry weight. The GR-8610W also features a Software Communications Architecture operating environment. This enables software upgradeability and hosting of additional software-defined waveforms beyond the standard SRW waveform. With its compact size and advanced capabilities, the GR-8610W offers seamless voice and data capabilities for every team member-providing greater mission cohesiveness, and effectiveness.

General specifications

Frequency RangeUHF 225-450MHz
L-Band 1250-1390MHz and 1755-1850MHz
Channel Spacing/BW1.2MHz(Standard); supports 5MHz+
Net Presets99 system presets
Built-in GPSYes
Data InterfaceBluetooth, USB, Ethernet, RS-232
EncryptionAES 256
Management ToolWindows/Android Setup/control Application

Modes & Waveforms

Wideband WaveformsSRW (additional waveforms available)
SRW Range>3Km, (935.5kbps)
Voice & Data ModeMixed Excitation Prediction (MELPe) Digital Voice Supported Data Rate (1.2MHz bandwidth:2000kbps, 936.5kbps, 1125.kbs, 56.25kbps


RF Power3.2W(35dBm)
Harmonic Suppression-5dBc 2nd and 3rd, -80dBc 4th and higher
Frequency Stability0.5ppm


Noise Figure6-8dB, depending on band

Power Supply

Power Input8.5VDC to 16.9VDC
Battery Type72Whr Li-Ion, rechargeable

Physical & Environment

Shock & VibrationMIL-STD-810G
Immersion30min @ 2m
Operating Temperature-30~55ºC
Storage Temperature-40~70ºC
Dimension209Hx78.7Wx44.5D mm

GR-8610W Wideband Team Radio

The Glocom GR-8610W wideband team radio is ideal for tactical operations providing the warfighters with effective, secure and comprehensive team communications with remote sited command locations. It includes the following items:

  • GR-8610WWideband Team Radio
  • A8100-TH11Tactical Headset
  • A8610-WA01Whip Antenna
  • A8600-GA01GPS Handheld Antenna
  • A8600-BP01Battery Pack (2pcs/set)
  • A8600-BC1B1 Bay Battery Charger
  • A8610-UM01User Manual

Options for GR-8610W

  • A8100-OH10Officer Handset
  • A8610-TE01Acoustic Tube Earpiece
  • A8610-SM01Speaker Microphone
  • GA-310-AT-03AMobile Antenna
  • GA-50AMobile GPS Antenna
  • A8600-BC2B2 Bay Battery Charger
  • A8610-DC01Data Cable
  • A8610-PC01USB Programming Cable
  • A8610-RH01Radio Holster
  • A8610-WIN10Setup/Control Application (Windows)
  • AndroidTablet 5-7”
  • WindowsRugged PC

Tactical Headset(A8100-TH01)

Head-mount, single left earphone, designed for extended wear in active environments, ultra lightweight frame, superior comfort and fit


Whip Antenna(A8600-WA02)

350~450MHz Whip handheld antenna, 10W, TNC, 50Ohm, VSWR <4, Gain:-5~-25dBi, 450mm, 0.15Kg


GPS Handheld Antenna(A8600-GA01)

A removable passive antenna. Center Frequency: 1575.42± 1.023MHz, Bandwidth: 10MHz min, Gain at Zenith: 5.0dBic typ, Gain at 10° elevation: -1.0dBic min, Polarization: R.H.C.P, Axial Ratio: 1.0dB typ.


Battery Pack(A8600-BP01)

The battery pack is a very high-capacity, rechargeable, Li-Ion battery. Use with A8600-BC1B/4B/6B battery charger system.


1 Bay Battery Charger(A8600-BC1B)

Compatible with A8600-BP01 Li-Ion battery, Charging time:6 hours, Input:100~240VAC/0.45A


User Manual(A8610-UM01)

This is field reference user manual for GR-8610W Wideband Team Radio (WTR).


Officer Handset(A8100-OH10)

The officer handset is a high-grade, lightweight MIL handset for use with the Glocom tactical radio systems. One handset is supplied with each radio.


Acoustic Tube Earpiece(A8610-TE01)

The Acoustic Tube Earpiece is a lightweight, comfortable earpiece to use in tactical operation or VIP protection operation with GR-8610W radio.


GA-611-06C Speaker microphone with Single PTT (Opt)

Speaker: 8Ohm/85dB/mW@1kHz, Microphone: 2200Ohm, -45dB, 200~4kHz, Color: Black, Cable length: 57cm, Built-in Clip


GA-310-AT-03A Mobile Antenna

This is 30MHz~512MHz whip antenna. The antenna is composed of three parts: antenna base, vibration absorbing device, antenna sections. It can be equipped with GR-310/350/510/520 radio sets.


GPS Manpack Antenna(A8100-GA01)

This is high gain, low loss, active, extra low current consumption, small size GPS antenna. It supports SMA plug and magnetic mounting. It's useful for mobile application with GR series radios.


2 Bay Battery Charger(A8600-BC2B)

Compatible with the A8600-BP01 Li-Ion battery, charging time:6 hours, Input:100~240VAC/0.45A


Data Cable(A8600-DC01)

This is RS-232/422 data communication cable for GR-8600 radio. It is used for data communication, radio programming and radio control by computer etc.


USB Programming Cable(A8600-PC01)

This will be used for programming the GR-8610W radio. It connect the radio to android tablet which runs the Setup/Control Application.


Radio Holster(A8600-RH01)

This is a rucksack for GR series manpack radio system. It is very convenience for soldier to carry radio with all accessories. It can keep antenna, batteries, handset, headset etc…


Setup/Control Application(A8610-WIN10)

This kit contains the items necessary to program the GR-8610W radio. Included in the kit is the radio programming software and the WTR Utility software for Windows. Also included, instruction manual.


Rugged Android Pad(Android)

3rd party rugged mobile android pad like Panasonic. It would be compatible with MIL-STD-810G


Rugged PC(Windows)

3rd party rugged mobile PC like Panasonic. It would be compatible with MIL-STD-810G.