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GS-3100 Defense & Security C4I System
"Elephant" Command & Information System for Land Forces
“Elephant” Command & Information System for Land Forces


Going together with the battlespace digitization, forces must be able to share a situational awareness from soldier to commander in order

  • to exploit all-source intelligence rapidly
  • to inform commanders on time with relevant content
  • to share a common tactical picture
  • to support decision making
  • to disseminate commander’s intent
  • to synchronize operations, day and night, in all-weather conditions
  • to master its own operational tempo, & keep initiative
  • to deny deception, camouflage, or friendly fire

GS-3100 defense & Security C4I system is the Glocom Computerized Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) capability and based on a standardized and open architecture hosting tactical communications and operational information systems. In doing so, Thales leverages on its ability to deliver integrated and interoperable solutions.


  • Ready to endorse a full spectrum of missions in collaboration with other shakeholders (security forces, allies) for defense & security continuum
  • Clear and up-to-date vision of the tactical situation
  • Supports first entry, scalable command & control capabilities
  • Critical information protection: access and dissemination as well as cyber attack protection

Information superiority over tactical networks allows commanders to build and share fused operational pictures. These information products rest on secure information services delivering interoperability, user defined access and collaborative working.


With its new-generation C4I system, Glocom provides an open and scalable solution base on a WEB service oriented architecture over IP networking. Delivered through integrated C4ISR set (hardware, software and communication), GS-2017 is designed for short time deployment and provides:

  • On-demand information access via web portal from any web browser
  • A shared recognized ground picture thanks to a highly intuitive tactical editor leveraging state-of-the-art geospatial information system
  • Collaborative working for mission-oriented applications (order, planning, logistics, etc.)
  • Military and civil interoperability services through standards (NVG/KML, MIP/ADatP3, XML, etc.)
  • Comprehensive cyber security solution dealing with all issues of cyber security
  • Reduced in situ administration needs


  • Shared Situational Awareness through accurate Recognized Ground Picture
  • Federates components of operational environment from strategic to tactical levels
  • Enables to share more relevant information for better decision making and dissemination of commander intents
  • Increases interoperability through military & civilian standards for a safer cooperation & collaboration between networked communities of interest
  • Provides integrated information assurance & cyber security for critical data

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