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Tactical Chat for messaging over radio network

Tactical Chat for messaging over radio network

Key Features

■Exchange of text message, files, pictures  ■User interface designed after commercial instant messaging  ■Reliable message/file transfer over tactical radio networks even when voice links cannot be established  ■Improved image compression based on H.264/H.265 video encoding  ■Support all the types of the Glocom tactical radio

The GS-910 Tactical Chat application provides reliable exchange of text messages, files and pictures through networked data terminals. The GS-910 application supports both point-to-point (ARQ) and broadcast (non-ARQ) data transfer among the members of Glocom radio network.

The application uses the data capability of Glocom radios, which enables data to be easily exchanged between wireless network users. The application runs on PCs and Android mobile devices, which are connected to the radio via an asynchronous RS-232 or Bluetooth interface.

The underlying communication protocol has been carefully engineered to provide the best performance possible over radio links. Protocol parameters ae dynamically adjusted as messages are exchanged among application users, yielding a progressively optimized network.

The GS-910 Tactical Chat application user interface has been designed after commercial instant messaging applications and allows the users to be quickly familiar with this application. The user can type a message or select from a list of predefined messages. File transfer-including imagery files-is also supported, with the ability for partial file transfers to be resumed at the point of failure.

A log of message exchanges, which can be viewed and saved, is recorded.

A significant feature of the GS-910 is the image compression, which is based on H.264/H.265 video encoding. The compression ratio of this technique is higher 4~8 times than JPEG 2000 standard.

Unique to the GS-910 for android, GS-910AN, is the ability to seamlessly take a picture using the Ruggedized Tablet’s camera, attach it to a message, and distribute to other users.

Supported Radios

GS-910 application supports all the types of the Glocom tactical radio in one user interface

1 HF/VHF Manpack Radio GR-8100HV
2 Multiband Handheld Radio GR-8600M
3 HF Manpack Radio GR-150
4 VHF/UHF Manpack Radio GR-310
5 Secure Personal Radio GR-611
GS-910 interface

Minimum Recommended Requirements


1 CPU Intel Pentium 500 MHz or minimum required for OS
2 Memory (RAM) 512MB or minimum required for OS
3 Hard Disk minimum required for OS
4 I/O Standard RS-232C serial port (1)
5 Operating System Windows 7


1 CPU 1.5GHz
2 Memory (RAM) 1GB
3 I/O Bluetooth, USB (2)
4 Operating System Android 4.0


(1) If the PC has not RS-232C serial port, then USB-RS232C converter or Ethernet-RS232C converter is needed.

  • 3rd Party RS-232/422/485 to USB Converter
  • 3rd Party RS-232 to Ethernet Converter

(2) If the radio has not built-in Bluetooth, then Bluetooth-232C converter and its cable are needed.

  • 3rd Party Bluetooth to RS-232 Converter

Ordering Information

1 Tactical Chat for Windows GS-910 Glocom
2 Tactical Chat for Android GS-910AN Glocom